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Trixa-bella is a family business based in the uk, where we design and create hand beaded garments. The idea for our garments originates from past conversations with friends who always complimented how glamorous indian clothing is, but wished they could buy separate tops or skirts instead of the full set. The idea dawned upon us, what if we take the beauty of eastern fashion and combine it with the western trends.

We have a small team of beaders consisting of family members and friends who sew each glass bead by hand.

Garment worn by Princess Anne

Throughout the year we travel all over the country exhibiting with many of the leading craft companies. Our travels take us from exhibition centres to celebrity events to even Royal estates.

One Royal estate in particular we visit is Gatcombe Park, home to Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. During the exhibition at Gatcombe Park Her Royal Highness visited our stand, she was very gracious as she stated how impressed she was with our garments. In particular Her Royal Highness said one of our evening dresses had caught her eye and wished to try the garment on. We said we were more than happy for Her Royal Highness to take the garment and try it in the comfort of her own home. As Her Royal Highness left our stand with the Trixa-bella bag in hand we received a round of applause by the other exhibitors. Later Her Royal Highness’s Husband, Sir Timothy Laurence returned to our stand and stated Her Royal Highness loved the dress and he paid for the dress. It was a great honour to be recognised by Royalty and we have been told by Her Royal Highnesses Dresser, she has worn many of our garments to private events. The next day we received a phone call at home from the personal dresser to Her Royal Highness saying how impressed she was with our garments and requested to see more garments. To this day Her Royal Highness is a valued customer who uses Trixa-bella as one of her main designers.

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